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TAFE - Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, is an Indian tractor major incorporated in 1960, with an annual sale of over 200,000 tractors and a turnover in excess of US $1.6 billion. One of the largest tractor manufacturers in the world, TAFE manufactures tractors under four iconic brands - TAFE, Massey Ferguson, Eicher and IMT (Industrija Mašina i Traktora). TAFE is one of the leading exporters of tractors from India and powers farms in over 80 countries across the world including nations Europe and the Americas. It is also a significant shareholder in the AGCO Corporation, USA.

Tafe Tractor 7151 CAB

TAFE Tractors

Labelled under our signature brand, the TAFE range of tractors is tough, durable and efficient. With an established presence in Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and parts of Europe, the robust utility tractors from TAFE are known for their dependability and relevantly optimized technology.

TAFE tractors have proven their mettle while working in tough terrains and varied soil conditions with a wide range of applications cultivating various geographies around the world.

The TAFE tractor is synonymous to toughness, high standards of precision and build quality, integrating the expertise of TAFE.

Cultivating a New World

Witness how, for over six decades, the philosophy of "Cultivating the World '' has been the driving force behind TAFE's mission to enrich and shape the future. As we transcend the familiar, the concept of "Cultivating a new world" unfolds, heralding a world brimming with boundless possibilities, where innovation and sustainability converge seamlessly.

The world never ceases to inspire us. Emerging markets trigger a shift in our thinking, while new customers from diverse geographies broaden our horizons. The essence lies in our poised ability to respond with future-ready products and solutions that surpass customer expectations.

The world beckons us to continue our boundless journey of #CultivatingANewWorld.

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