About Haji Mohammad Nader (HMK) Ltd

Haji Mohammad Nader (HMK) Ltd

Haji Mohammad Nader (HMK) Ltd is the sole distributor of TAFE tractors in Afghanistan. It is a private enterprise working in agri business. The company was founded by Haji Mohammad Nader in the year 1985. HMK Ltd. mainly works in the supply and prescription of agro-machinery to local farmers including other agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and legal agricultural hormones.

HMK Ltd, envisions a balanced agricultural growth in Afghanistan oriented by modern mechanization and researches, harmonized with environment preservation efforts. Its mission is to equip each and every farmer of Afghanistan with modern mechanization, knowledge, skill and resources to ensure maximum utilization of inputs at hand for the optimum production of market relevant products, which are high quality. The company’s goal is to organize modern mechanization, researches and technology oriented farming in all over Afghanistan.

HMK also aims to conduct further research to improve farming potential due to modern mechanization in all over Afghanistan. To improve the quantity and quality of agricultural products in the area to compete in market relevance. And improve farming conditions for local farmers.

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